Virtual Cathy Turns 1!

I am pleased to announce that Virtual Cathy will celebrate completing its 1st year on June 30th!

A few highlights from this past year:

-Partnered with three amazing contractors, Michelle W, Michelle L, and Matt!

-Hired Shannon as Virtual Cathy’s first employee.

-Worked remotely from Sisters OR, Las Vegas NV, Dallas TX and Seattle WA.

-Met Dr. Ivan Misner at a conference, someone I greatly admire.

-Provided services to individuals in 10 different states.

-Was invited to be a presenter for two online conferences.

-Hired Mira as Virtual Cathy’s second employee.

It has been a REMARKABLE year! Learning to juggle workload, recruiting for incoming work, creating educational webinars, ignoring this blog for as long as I possibly can, and building my marketing tools have kept me busy this year. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds!

If you are a business owner, I would love to hear your biggest accomplishments in your first year!

And of course, thank you for the support in reading this blog post!

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