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Leveraging Faceless Content Creation

April 17, 2024

Let’s explore the game-changing benefits of faceless content creation, amplified by the support of our virtual assistants. Why should I use faceless content creation for my brand? We believe in the efficiency and effectiveness of faceless content creation, where the focus is solely on delivering exceptional content to your audience, regardless of who created it. […]

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Unlock the Power of Referrals: Earn Rewards and Make a Difference

September 29, 2023

Referral programs have long been a win-win strategy for many businesses and their clients. At Virtual Cathy, we take pride in our unique virtual assisting services tailored to small business owners and nonprofit organizations. We don’t just meet your needs; we exceed your expectations, ensuring you can focus on your mission while we handle the […]

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Beyond Efficiency: Nurturing Resourcefulness in Your VA

August 28, 2023

Are you considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to enhance your business productivity and efficiency? Or maybe you already have a VA on your team and want to maximize their potential? In this blog post, we’ll explore the invaluable qualities of resourcefulness that exceptional VAs possess and how you, as a client, can foster and leverage […]

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Resourceful VAs: The Key to Leveling Up Your Organization

July 21, 2023

Are you looking to hire a Virtual Assistant who can truly make a difference in your business operations? One of the key qualities to seek in a VA is resourcefulness. But what exactly is resourcefulness, and why is it so crucial in a VA’s role? Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick and clever ways […]

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Unleash the Power of Repurposing!

May 23, 2023

Repurposing content is more than just recycling content—it’s a transformative strategy that breathes new life into your social media. At Virtual Cathy, we use it as an opportunity to fuel engagement and capture our clients’ audience in an all-new way! In this blog, we’ll give you a quick rundown on content repurposing and show you […]

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Struggling with Your Calendar and Inbox? A Virtual Assistant Could Be Your Solution

April 26, 2023

Are you struggling to keep up with a busy calendar and a never-ending inbox? It can be overwhelming to manage these essential parts of our professional (and personal!) lives, but the solution may be easier than you think. Here’s why hiring a Virtual Cathy VA might just be the game-changer you need: Time-saving: By delegating […]

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The Difference Between an Executive Assistant and a Virtual Assistant

March 29, 2023

Managing a successful business or organization can be overwhelming, but are you struggling to determine which type of support staff to hire? If so, you’re not alone. Two of the most popular positions are executive assistant and virtual assistant, but what is the difference between them? Executive assistants typically work in large companies and provide […]

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Business Lessons I Learned from Watching MasterChef

November 7, 2020

I have a confession to make — I hate cooking. Ugh, hate is such an ugly word. I LOATHE cooking. The time it takes, the grocery shopping, the cleanup, I have a hard time understanding the love for it. The Dream I started watching season 1 of MasterChef with the desire to gain food inspiration, […]

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Why $15/hr VA Work Doesn’t Help Anyone

April 28, 2020

This may be a bit controversial, this topic, when the world is in a position where many individuals are out of work and wanting to make SOMETHING while working from home. Nevertheless, it’s important enough to bring it up and talk about this subject for the sake of business owners as well as virtual assistants […]

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How Did it Get So Complicated?

December 29, 2019

While you may think that the title of this blog is referring to life in general and how complicated things can get there, I’m actually referring to my PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM!  I have been spending numerous hours building out a new project management system, Dubsado, crossing my fingers that I’ll be ready to roll this […]

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