How Did it Get So Complicated?

While you may think that the title of this blog is referring to life in general and how complicated things can get there, I’m actually referring to my PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM! 

I have been spending numerous hours building out a new project management system, Dubsado, crossing my fingers that I’ll be ready to roll this out and bring my staff in to utilize by the beginning of the year. While I’m constructing my proposal templates, contracts for services, questionnaires, workflows, canned email responses, lead capture forms, moving over all the information for my past and present projects, etc. etc. etc., I kept asking myself, “How did it get so complicated?” 

When I started on my current project management system exactly a year ago, it was so simple. I slowly built what I needed as it came up. I tweaked forms and documents here and there, making improvements slowly but surely. Quickly, the program became very easy to use, and it covered all of my needs in business. Why switch?

When building out several clients’ Dubsado accounts and familiarizing myself with all of its capabilities, I realized that what it offered was a step above what I currently had in terms of design, permissions, and automated functions which would serve to 1) continue to set the professional tone for Virtual Cathy with customized yet personable documents and agreements; 2) Allow team member assignations to access certain project information, important as my team continues to grow; and 3) remove important administrative follow ups off my mental to-do list that automation can solve while creating a consistent process for every client, regardless of how customized their work is. 

However, a years’ worth of clients and work completed will need to be moved over. All company forms re-designed and built out. And the goal to have it done within a month, with limited time to focus on this project after normal business hours.

How did it get so complicated? While it’s a little overwhelming as the days count down closer to January 1st, this question speaks positive volumes of what this last year has held for my company.

*There’s plenty of files, notes, client information and more that need to to be moved, meaning the company has experienced growth in providing services and support.

*Realizing that this software can further organize and improve internal parts of Virtual Cathy and taking it on rather than settling for what is currently working. 

*Preparing for team growth and ensuring that their side of the project management system is built out and easy to use for them.

New, complex parts of a company is scary and thrilling all at the same time. It’s a time where you make decisions, then actions toward implementing a new program, hiring a new employee, niche down your services, outsource some of your workload, and more. The important part of handling the complications is to stay proactive, focus on the the positive of what this means for your business, dig deep to get it done, and ask for help should you need it.

(While this is not the purpose of this post, if you’re interested in utilizing Dubsado for your business, use this link to get 20% off your first month or year)

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