Meet Cathy Baillargeon.

Founder & CEO of Virtual Cathy, Virtual Cathy Academy, Public Speaker and Industry Leader

Official Bio

Cathy Baillargeon, a former business consultant, is "Chief Cathy Officer" at Virtual Cathy, a highly-regarded virtual assisting agency specializing in providing comprehensive support to small business owners and non-profit organizations across the United States.

Virtual Cathy offers a wide array of services, including executive assistance, administrative support, and social media management to clientele spanning over 30 different states and 4 countries internationally. Leading a dedicated team of 20+ US-based Virtual Assistants, Cathy and her team are committed to delivering personalized and professional service to their clients.

Beyond her role as "Chief Cathy Officer," Cathy enjoys public speaking and is known for her engaging presentations on various aspects of business, delegation, and the transition from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one. She frequently shares her expertise and insights with diverse audiences, further cementing her reputation as a thought leader in the field of virtual assistance and business development.

Approved Headshots

Cathy Baillargeon, Founder & CEO

Podcast Appearances

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Presentation Topics

  • The Not-So-Subtle Art of Delegation
  • The Dance of the Difficult Client
  • How to Land Clients as an Asker or a Guesser
  • Shedding Your Employee Mindset For Bigger Things
  • From Solopreneur to CEO: Recognizing When and How to Bring in Team Members For Your Business

Talking Points

  • What is the key to your success?/What sets you apart from others in your industry?
  • What's the biggest obstacle you've faced in business so far?
  • What do you know now you wish you could go back and tell yourself at startup?
  • What is your best piece of advice for anyone looking to get started?
  • What prepared you best for entrepreneurship?
  • What book recommendations do you have for business owners?
  • What are some trends or developments that you think will shape the future of your industry?
  • What are some habits or practices that you've found to be most helpful for personal and professional growth?
  • What is your perspective on the current state of your industry?
  • How do you like to spend your free time?
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