Is Virtual Cathy’s Admini™ System
a good fit for you?

Are you looking for help but don’t quite need a one-on-one assistant to manage? Do you have a full list of general admin and marketing tasks that could be easily handed off with a few instructions? If so, we have the perfect solution! Our Virtual Cathy Admini System gives you the ability to submit tasks through your Virtual Cathy account (on this very website!) which will then be distributed to one of our many skilled Virtual Assistants.

How it works

Our Process

Submit details for your task or project using Virtual Cathy’s Admini System (using your computer or mobile device)
Your work gets assigned to the best VA for the job
We get to work!
You receive your completed admin and marketing tasks

Our System

This system was built to complete many tasks by many assistants in a shortened amount of time. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Provide details for the task or project, include any attachments or links we would need to complete the work and voila! We will send you back the completed task within your specified deadline. Communication and follow up questions on your work will be done directly through the Admini System. 

Quick disclaimer: If you prefer having your work completed by one VA versus a team of VAs, or your tasks require indepth knowledge of your company operations and processes, our Executive Assisting services may be a better fit for you!

What kind of work is a great fit for the Admini System?

Monthly AdminI Plan

Enjoy a monthly subscription that allows you to submit projects through our easy-to-use online Admini Task System

Receive up to 10 hours of virtual assisting services per month.


Receive up to 20 hours of virtual assisting services per month.


Receive up to 30 hours of virtual assisting services per month.


Yearly AdminI Plan

Yearly plan options are perfect for additional seasonal support, as-needed projects, and direct support for your existing staff members
(without having to hire another employee!)

Receive up to 100 hours of Admini services annually


Receive up to 250 hours of Admini services annually


Receive up to 500 hours of Admini services annually


Where do you need help?

Our Services

Research Ideas
  • Podcasts to appear on as a guest
  • Potential leads (by area, specialty, etc.)
  • Potential Speaker engagements 
  • Program comparisons
  • Hashtags
  • Products/Services
Social Media
  • Social Media post scheduling with copy/graphics/schedule provided
  • Schedule and input blog content with content provided
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media engagement(follows/likes/comments)
  • Newsletter creation with content provided
  • Create Newsletter templates
  • Creating SOP's (via loom walkthrough or specific program access)
  • Setting up CRMs, PM systems
  • Data entry projects
  • Document creation or modification
  • Transcription/Meeting Minutes with recording provided
  • Email signature creation or modification
  • Email organization/cleanup
  • Import/Export files
  • Create Surveys
  • CRM work/calls
  • Pull Reports
  • Invoicing Prep
  • Outbound calling with scripts provided
  • Website updates
  • Ecommerce product updates
  • Database cleanup/organization
  • Monthly mailing/email prep
  • Gather customer/consumer reviews
  • Online File organization
  • Website Updates
  • Landing Page updates or creation
  • Website Evaluation


Admini Services Manager


Admini Cathy


Admini Cathy


Admini Cathy


Admini Cathy


Great question! A good rule of thumb to determine which is a better fit for your current needs would be based on the type of work you’re looking to outsource. If you have work that, for security purposes, should be handled by the same individual, prefer to communicate directly using your primary communication method with your VA , or if your tasks require interaction with your clients/customers/patients, then Virtual Cathy’s Executive Assisting Services would be a better fit. 

Yes, there’s a Privacy Section in each task that is fully encrypted and secure for this type of information.

Absolutely! Each task can be listed as either a one-time or recurring task. All recurring tasks can be left as an open, active task for as long as you need, while any one-time tasks will be closed when completed.

Most tasks that take 1-4 hours can be done within two business days. For any projects or tasks that take more than 4 hours with a 2-day-or-less turnaround, it would be marked as a rush project and hours will be tracked at time and a half.

We completely understand that our clients’ needs change which is why we make our services so flexible! When you are ready to move forward with your own virtual assistant, let us know and we will upgrade you to our Executive Assisting Services.

We love working with our clients

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